Sedra Contracting Company

Sedra Contracting Company is a leading firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specializing in construction, building, and interior finishing. Offering a range of services, starting from the preparation of engineering and construction plans, progressing through various project implementation stages, and culminating in interior decorations, all under the motto “From Concept to Turnkey Delivery”.


Embarking on
the Journey Towards a Sustainable Partnership

In response to the urgent need for an interactive digital platform that reflects Sedra Contracting Company's identity, our collaborative journey with Pixel Bee, a leading digital agency in software and digital solutions, began. Our team initiated the outlining of the initial features of the website, focusing on its enhancement and development to perfectly align with Sedra's needs and the requirements of its clients.

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Website Development
Keeping Pace with Trends and Developments for Optimal Results

Leveraging our extensive experience and insights gained from diverse programming projects, we identified the latest trends and developments that perfectly align with the aspirations and vision of Sedra Contracting Company.

Designing User Interface (UI)
User Experience (UX)
Through dedicated efforts in conducting comprehensive and precise research, guided by innovative marketing strategies, we aimed to create a user interface that enables visitors and clients of Sedra Contracting Company's website to have a unique experience. We successfully designed an integrated user interface (UI/UX) that provides a wide range of functions, empowering visitors with vast capabilities to maximize the benefits of the website. This design significantly contributes to achieving an effective digital presence for Sedra Contracting Company.
Interface Coding;
Sedra's Website Programming
Upon adopting the website's interface design, our Pixel Bee team directed their efforts towards transforming this design into a digital reality through a comprehensive programming process. We took great care to consider all the details included in the interface design, from content distribution and design arrangement within the interface to organizing buttons and integrating them into the navigation process between pages. However, we didn't stop there; we added all the necessary visual elements to ensure a seamless and integrated user experience. The website for Sedra Contracting Company was equipped to be multilingual, offering users two main languages (Arabic and English), enhancing interactivity and providing an enjoyable user experience for visitors regardless of their native language.

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