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Tajy Honey Store is an online marketplace specializing in selling various types of guaranteed natural honey. It targets the Turkish market and embarked on its digital journey by creating a custom-coded e-commerce store, aiming to establish an effective digital presence.


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The Journey Begins...
Towards a Sustainable Partnership

In the ever-evolving landscape of software solutions, numerous options provide website owners and e-commerce stores with significant facilitation, especially in the realm of e-commerce, notably the globally renowned WordPress platform for website creation. This platform offers a myriad of options and ease through integrated software solutions. Here began the collaboration between Tajy Honey and Pixel Bee. The need for a honey store required tailored programming solutions that align with the store's aspirations and marketing plans. Our programming team at Pixel Bee successfully transformed the site from proprietary coding to WordPress, enhancing its performance and improving its interface to serve both store management and users alike.

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Website Development
Keeping Pace with Trends for Optimal Results

Based on our extensive experience and insights gained from diverse programming projects, we identified the latest trends and developments that perfectly align with the aspirations and vision of Tajy Honey.

Designing User Interface (UI)
User Experience (UX)
Through our dedicated efforts in conducting comprehensive and precise research, coupled with innovative marketing strategies, we aimed to create a user interface that provides visitors to Tajy Honey Store with a unique experience. We designed an integrated UI/UX interface that offers a wide range of functions, empowering visitors to maximize their benefits from the website. This design significantly contributes to achieving an effective digital presence for Tajy Honey Store.
Interface Coding
and Tajy Honey Store Programming
Upon adopting the website's interface design, our Pixel Bee team transitioned towards translating this design into a digital reality through a comprehensive programming process. We meticulously considered all the details outlined in the interface design, from content distribution and design arrangement to button organization and integration for smooth page transitions. Additionally, we ensured the incorporation of all necessary visual elements to guarantee a seamless and integrated user experience. The store was equipped to be multilingual, offering users three primary languages (Arabic, English, Turkish), enhancing interactivity and providing an enjoyable experience for visitors regardless of their native language. In the context of optimizing the site's performance on search engines, we carefully considered the recommendations and reviews of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team, aiming to achieve a site that meets all SEO standards and maintains a strong friendship with search engines.

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