Blue Orange Agency for Design and Marketing Services

Blue Orange Agency specializes in design and visual content creation, offering a range of marketing services. As an emerging company, it strives to secure a distinctive position in the digital services market. The agency enlisted our expertise from the outset to enhance its digital presence, leveraging our programming services and marketing vision to create a comprehensive website that serves the goals and future aspirations of Blue Orange.


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Embarking on
a Sustainable Partnership

With prior knowledge of Blue Orange's founder, the Pixel Bee team gained the agency's trust by paying meticulous attention to every detail from the very beginning. This encompassed creating UI/UX designs for the website pages, undertaking various programming tasks, and optimizing the internal content for the entire site, making it SEO-friendly.

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Creating the Website
Aligning with Trends & Developments for Optimal Results

Thanks to our previous experience and extensive work on similar projects, we were able to identify the best trends and latest developments that align with the aspirations and vision of Blue Orange.

Designing User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX)
Our quest for providing the best experience for Blue Orange Agency's website visitors led us to conduct a thorough and comprehensive research supported by an innovative marketing vision. The goal was to achieve a user interface that offers a plethora of functions, empowering visitors to make the most of the website. The resulting digital interface represents a step towards achieving an effective digital presence for Blue Orange.
Coding the Interface and Programming Blue Orange's Website
After approving the website's interface design, the Pixel Bee team proceeded to code the site comprehensively, considering all the details outlined in the user interface design. This encompassed content distribution, internal designs, navigation buttons, and the addition of visual effects. The team ensured the development of an integrated user experience, and the internal content was meticulously adjusted, with all necessary technical precautions taken to achieve excellent compatibility with search engine optimization (SEO) standards
Ensuring Website SEO Friendly
Building on our prior knowledge and a thorough analysis of Blue Orange's brand in all its details and services, the core content provided by the Blue Orange team was carefully modified to ensure complete compatibility with search engines. This involved using precise and well-thought-out keywords. After completing the website development, a variety of auxiliary tools were installed to ensure the alignment of the site's pages, articles, and future publications with SEO standards. The internal content of the site was fine-tuned, adhering to all necessary standards.

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