Pixel Bee and Baker's Choice

Baker’s Choice, a leading company in the field of food products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, provides an ideal environment for chefs throughout the kingdom. At Pixel Bee, we take pride in our partnership with Baker’s Choice, offering a diverse range of services, from comprehensive website design to content creation and the development of SEO strategies using carefully selected keywords. Our journey began with UX research to create an interactive UI, culminating in the execution and programming of a fully integrated and user-friendly website.

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Embarking on
the Journey Towards Sustainable Collaboration

The partnership between Pixel Bee and Baker's Choice kicked off with the creation of a UI/UX design for its website, programmed in collaboration with Pixeliza agency to develop internal content for various site pages, adjusting it for search engine optimization.

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Website Development
Aligning with Trends and Innovations for Optimal Results

Through our extensive knowledge and experience, we identified the best trends and latest developments that align with the aspirations and vision of Baker's Choice.

Creating Content for Baker's
Choice Website
Based on our study of the company's goals and services, the content team at Pixeliza began crafting content for Baker's Choice website pages, starting from the homepage to informative and service pages. Our Pixel Bee team, specialized in SEO, fine-tuned this content for SEO, and then we proceeded to design the user interface through the expertise of UI/UX designers in the Pixel Bee family.
Designing User Interface (UI)
User Experience (UX)
We conducted thorough and comprehensive research, supported by innovative marketing insights, to ensure the creation of a user interface that provides the best experience for visitors to the Baker's Choice website. The result is an integrated UI/UX design that offers a wealth of features, empowering visitors to maximize their interaction with the website.
Coding the Interface and
Programming Baker's Choice Website
After adopting the website's interface design, our Pixel Bee team seamlessly transitioned to coding the entire website, taking into account all the details outlined in the user interface design. This involved distributing content, internal designs, navigation buttons, and adding visual effects.
Ensuring Website
SEO Friendly
Building on our prior knowledge and a meticulous analysis of Baker's Choice brand in all its details and services, we carefully adjusted the primary content provided by Baker's Choice team to ensure complete alignment with search engines, using precise and well-thought-out keywords. After completing the website development, we installed a variety of tools to ensure the compatibility of site pages, articles, and future posts with SEO. Internal content was meticulously adjusted, adhering to all necessary standards.