Your visual needs will be met in a creative & professional way by Pixel Bee. We offer creative graphic design services for your website, social media platform or your products to help you create memorable designs for your business.

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Logo Design

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Logo Design service

Excellent logo design is one of the most important factors in determining the success of your brand. It has to be unique and memorable, with strong branding elements that appeal to your target audience. We take great care when designing logos to ensure they meet these standards and will set you apart from your competitors

What we can do?

Design Services; Logo Design

Visual Identity Design

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Visual Identity Design services

Visual identity design is the way your business and products are expressed visually. The concept of your brand will be presented in a variety of graphical forms: from logo design to business cards, signs, websites and packaging.

Our Visual Identity Design service is a highly structured framework for visual communication, which helps you to convey the message you want your customers to perceive. That is why we take care of the visual elements that express your identity. Because every part of your design is a guide that tells the customer what they can expect from you.

What we can do?

Visual Identity Design Step by Step

Printings Design

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We focus, in printing design, on making the designs professional and with the same character and general spirit of the company, We guarantee it is commensurate with your visual identity.
To provide you with special designs and to make the content easy to read and attractive. We employ the best printing design specialists, i.e. the best specialists in planning, color and typography.
We also employ such experts because we are aware of the importance of printings and the impact they have on the public

What we can do?

We make a list of your requirements, needs and observations

Social Media Designs

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To ensure the enthusiasm of your followers when seeing your posts on various social media platforms, and your uniqueness over hundreds of competitors, you only need to hire professionals like us to plan, develop and create visual content with colors and designs appropriate to your brand identity on these different platforms.

We create Social Media Designs that are relevant to the specific platform, community and target audience.

What we can do?

We can help you to get more likes, shares, retweets and reach.

Montage and Video Editing

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Delivering premium quality video editing services to meet your project planning goals and deadline. In our endeavor to provide integrated design services, we provide high-impact professional services for the production of creative, dynamic, high quality visuals that clearly convey the message to your audience..

We have the best team of montage and video editing services to help you create a masterpiece for your project needs. We make sure that you are satisfied with our services by giving you quality results despite the deadline

What we can do?

Design services; video editing

Motion Graphic

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Motion graphic design is an industry that is continuously growing, in this industry you can easily create a more attractive and memorable visual culture. Whether you need explainer videos, whiteboard videos or animated graphics, we’ve got you covered.

Our our talented animators creates top of the line animation videos that are not only visually appealing but also convey your brand’s message clearly & concisely.

What we can do?

We offer a customized service according to your demand.


We do what we love, they love what we do

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A fantastic agency! They have great customer support from the beginning to the end of the process. The team is really informed and goes the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend them unreservedly.

Zakaria Nashar

Lawyer - Humanitarian

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It was a great experience to deal with professional people in such friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend working with Pixel Bee.

Mohamad Ali Alejaili

Humanitarian worker

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One of the best companies I have dealt with and they have mastery of their work

Yasser Saed


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I am extremely satisfied with the work that the team at Pixel Bee delivered. Their professionalism, outside-the-box thinking, consistency, and commitment to delivering a top-quality product truly set them apart. I would not hesitate to recommend their WordPress website design and development services to anyone in need of a top-quality website.

Khaled Idrees

SEO Expert

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I was happy to deal with them. They have professionalism in work and respect for deadlines, Thank you guys

Mohamad zain

Hair Laps

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I have used mohamed and his team on a number of occasions, his ability to find creative solutions I believe to be second to none. We quickly found that their strategic thinking and obvious business acumen created market opportunities that had not been identified within the business. I would highly recommend pixel bee to anyone who wants to create a digital marketing strategy that takes their business to the next level with measured results.

Hossam Mohamed

UI/UX Designer

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